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Golf course owners and superintendents are undergoing bunker renovation projects to breathe new life into their existing golf courses, differentiating their course in a competitive market, and reducing the amount of time and resources spent on maintenance. 

In addition to comprehensive experience from a lengthy project history, Oheil Site Solutions has specialized equipment to ensure that no damage is done to the surrounding course.


Properly installed irrigation and drainage systems are essential components of golf course maintenance. They not only promote the growth of healthier turf that is enjoyable for golfers as they play, but they also provide a means for efficient water management. 

After more than three decades of experience, we are experts in irrigation and drainage system design and installation. 


The Vibra Sandmaster is a one-pass aerator and slit drainage machine. In one pass, it decompacts the ground and fills the channels it creates with sand using its vibrating coulters. The permanent channels it creates help make a higher quality turf. This results with an immediate solution that leaves minimal disruption to the turf

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